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Work, life, and everything in between

We’re always pushing what’s possible at Peloton, striving for new goals as we continue to revolutionize the fitness industry and help anyone, anywhere be the best version of themselves.

In order to carry out our mission and achieve sustainable success, we must show up as the best versions of ourselves, too. That’s why at Peloton, we prioritize balance, boundaries, and health from the inside out. 

Pacing & Recovery

At Peloton, our culture can be summed up in three words: people come first. We believe boundaries are sexy (as Instructor Robin Arzon always says) and know that while we must push hard to achieve, it’s just as important for each of us to pace ourselves and recover. 

To make this tangible and ensure we’re all on the same page, we have meeting and calendar standards that help us maintain healthy levels of productivity while protecting one of our most prized resources – our time. 

These company-wide standards ensure that we: 

  • Refrain from sending emails or messages during non-work hours, unless an urgent issue arises; and we stay mindful of the working hours of peers operating in other timezones and countries
  • Set aside time to work deeply and focus on projects without distractions 
  • Only schedule meetings when they are the best way to move a project forward – and try not to stack them back-to-back, so people have time to grab water, use the restroom, and stretch.

By being intentional about how we all work and manage our time, we can safeguard against habits that can lead to overwhelm and burnout. 

We also know that time away from the office and our computers is crucial to our productivity, creativity, and mental health. Everyone is encouraged to take lunch breaks, get outside, move their bodies, and take intentional time off to be with their loved ones, travel, or simply do something other than work. 

Support at Work & Home

We know we’re at our best when we have support, resources, and the tools to achieve work-life harmony. We offer comprehensive, equitable, and inclusive benefits for full- and part-time team members. These include our Employee Assistance Program, access to Peloton products and classes, and mental health resources, including Lyra. 

Lyra is an online resource for mental health and emotional needs. Access is available to full-time team members around the world, and includes research-backed therapeutic methods, access to top therapists and coaches, and digital tools, such as exercises, trackers, and learning videos. It’s a streamlined way to get help and support when, where, and how we need it.

Time off is also crucial for mental health and allows us to rest, relax, and recharge while giving our time and attention to priorities and interests outside of work. At Peloton, we’re expected and encouraged to take time off. 

Peloton encourages team members to take 2 to 3 days off each quarter and at least two weeks of Personal Time Off each year. (This does not include sick days – we don’t work when we’re sick!) Our teams and managers have policies and procedures that keep projects moving while allowing time for everyone to take days off. 

Team Member Community Focused on Well-Being

While Peloton offers benefits and guidelines that help us balance life and work, there’s always room for improvement and learning.

Our Employee Resource Group (ERG) Thrive ensures we are meeting the mental health, neurodiversity, and disability needs of individuals, teams, and at the organizational level. They host events and conversations and make suggestions to leadership about how we can continue to support each other and set an example of how a company can be successful, productive and prioritize mental health.

Written by Peloton

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