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Peloton Values | Meris Stone Learned Together We Go Far


When Meris Stone was first considering Peloton as a place to work, she was skeptical—the company values seemed suspect.

“I was intrigued because not all companies have their values visibly displayed, and if they do, you don’t know if they’ll match what you’ll see in-house,” Meris says. “I’m a pragmatist, so ‘Together We Go Far’ was a little on the woo-woo side for me.”

Still, after an informational interview with a team member, a role opened up that combined her non-profit background with her project management skills, so Meris decided to give Peloton a try. Turns out the values thing really does have legs, even for someone as fiercely independent as Meris.

“Through my experiences and relationships with people, I believe ‘Together We Go Far’ is a value that’s embodied by team members. I feel that it’s happening in an organic and authentic way. The majority of people are receptive and open—and that’s something that I try to be too.”

The idea of an employee resource group (ERG) was new to Meris, but it’s ultimately what folded her into the “togetherness” of the Peloton community. “ERGs gave me the water cooler talk. Which is helpful when you’re virtual you don’t always know what’s going on. Through listening and getting my bearings, I got more comfortable progressing into an active community member.” Meris became the Asian Community ERG (ACE) Community and Social Impact Chair and she organized volunteer opportunities with an organization called New Women New Yorkers, which provides workforce development training for immigrant women. Meris is now a co-lead of ACE Her advice on getting involved in company extracurriculars: “Be open,” she says. “Do it if it’s interesting to you. And if it’s not, that’s cool.”

There’s no limit to the ways Peloton team members can contribute, so sure enough, another chance arose for Meris to widen her influence and grow her skills. She was asked to bring visibility to accessibility at Peloton. “At the time, it was more of an idea than it was a project. So I went on the hunt for allies.” That project proved a breakthrough for her. “I feel like I was able to move the needle,” Meris says. “I think that speaks to the autonomy you can have here, that you can just run with things.”

Autonomy is valuable, but so is community, and the value of Together We Go Far has been good for her, Meris says. “I can be someone who goes it alone because I'm really focused.”

As part of a strong community, Meris grew to recognize her own potential as a leader, teacher, and mentor. On a team as cross-functional and cross-cultural as Peloton’s, this gift is paid forward.

“My supervisor has given me visibility and opportunities, and that’s made me more conscious of my own position at Peloton. Sometimes we underestimate our ability to do that for other people, but now I’ve converted it into how I can shine a light on other people.”

It’s all those people, the people who thrive on autonomy, but know when to embrace the community and elevate their team members who need the chance to take charge—that’s what makes Peloton unique.

Written by Peloton

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