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Where the magic happens

Creating experiences + community

The Peloton experience is driven by the content and connection our Members feel in the studio and at home through our immersive programming.  

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Here to have a good time at Peloton Studios

Peloton Studios New York and London provide the ultimate Member experience. Our Front of House and Content teams provide engaging and unforgettable live programming in cycling, tread, yoga, strength, and more.

Our studios have become sought-after destinations for more than 6.9 million passionate and devoted Members who come to join together in person to sweat. Our Front of House team welcomes each and every Member, obsessing over the tiniest details to make every visit memorable.

Our Content team, which ranges from Production, Audio/Broadcast Engineering, and Event Management, creates and curates each class so that people around the world can benefit from it. 

No matter where you work in the studio, up front or behind the scenes, no two days are the same. And while we may have different roles and responsibilities, our goal is one and the same: to create the best possible experience for our Members around the world. 

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Front of Studio

We have the privilege of welcoming, serving, and getting to know the Members who come to sweat with us from around the world. As Peloton’s footprint and membership continue to grow, the connection between Members, our instructors, and our company deepens, making our role even more important.

Devoted Peloton Members travel far and make special trips for an unforgettable experience, and we do everything we can to deliver that. Our team includes concierge, cafe, and Member experience team members who make sure no detail is overlooked.

Because of the customer service and fluidity of the experience, no two days or classes are the same. Regardless of job title or role, everyone on our team pitches in to ensure we deliver the best possible experience to all.

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Production Team

A key driver to Peloton’s success are the immersive and engaging classes that keep Members coming back for more. Our Content team, composed of producers, production assistants, studio stagehands, technicians, and many other talented team members, all collaborate to make each class a unique experience. 

Whether we have Members in the studio with us or are filming a class with just an instructor, we consider all areas of the production from the music, lighting, camera angles, mood, and more. 

As Peloton continues to add new products and expand its library of classes and workouts, our studio team has more opportunities to embrace creativity and reimagine the fitness experience. 


Peloton Studios is open year-round with flexible options aimed at delighting our Members. This includes weekends, holidays, early mornings (5 AM), and late (10 PM) evenings. Our studio crew adapts to the needs of the business and our Members.

Our Jobs



Invested in you

Peloton provides comprehensive, competitive, and unique benefits for full and part-time team members, product discounts, and other tools to foster work-life harmony.    

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Life at Peloton

We are a team of passionate, positive, and ambitious individuals embracing creativity, innovation, and action to pursue personal success and achieve a united mission. We embrace change, challenge, creativity, and kindness.

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Here, everyone belongs

At Peloton, we're unapologetic about constantly pushing for better outcomes for our Members, for those who work with us, for the communities we serve and for society. Learn how DEI is woven into the fabric of our company.

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