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Revolutionizing fitness

Our product & technology teams harness curiosity, creativity, innovation, and collaboration to
create immersive experiences that inspire, motivate, and change lives.

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Innovation and impact

We pair riveting digital programs with beautifully designed products to create engrossing user experiences that connect people around the world through fitness. 

The experience is transformative for Members and team members alike. Creating, designing, and enhancing the products and technology that make up our Peloton suite is a truly unique opportunity. Every day at work, we are challenged to think bigger and reimagine what’s possible.

At Peloton, the only constant is change. We’re always iterating, innovating, refining, and improving our products and experiences—all with our Members in mind.

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Day in the life

Our product and technology teams, including mechanical engineering, industrial design, product design, product management, and software, collaborate to create the best user experience while hitting strategic company goals. Due to the integrated nature of our products, our teams work closely and follow hybrid schedules working in the office three days a week. 

While we’re an established company that has become a household name with millions of passionate and devoted Members, we’re still modest in size compared to other large tech companies. That means here, you have a unique opportunity to grow your career and make your mark. Your work can influence, touch, and have a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Get to know us

Our close-knit, New York-based team is passionate about the products we’re working on at Peloton. We use our art, engineering, business, and foundational industrial design expertise to conceptualize, design, and refine products at Peloton all with an eye towards enhancing our brand identity, usability, and—above all—the Member experience. 

We work side-by-side with mechanical engineers and the product management team to consider all aspects of our complex and dynamic products. While design is a core driver at Peloton, all aspects of our hardware, software, and content are examined holistically to drive an immersive experience.

Through creative thinking, exploration, and problem-solving, we’re driving the functional, aesthetic, and Member experience forward at Peloton.

Our mechanical engineering team architect, design, and test hardware systems for Peloton products. We iterate, update, and improve existing products as well as support the development and creation of new ones. 

At Peloton, the scope and complexity of our products are unique, which keeps our work interesting and challenging. To create the engaging, immersive experiences Peloton products are designed to deliver, we work closely and collaboratively with adjacent development teams including industrial design, electrical engineering, product management, software, and more. We use data and innovation to drive decision-making and are always thinking about the Member experience. 

It’s essential for team members to have strong, foundational mechanical engineering skills, as well as knowledge of the product design process. The ability to adapt to change, a willingness to always be learning, and a growth mindset are also important.

Our diverse group of designers, including content design, user experience design (UX), user interface design, gaming design, and systematic thinkers, work shoulder-to-shoulder to translate our design forward and dynamic brand into an engaging product experience.

While our products have been in the spotlight for many years, the software and brand experiences at Peloton have continued to expand. We utilize a deeply collaborative and iterative approach to product design, focused on ensuring a unified experience across all of our products and platforms. We’re also exploring new experiences and working out adjacent programs that can continue to broaden our member base across various software and hardware experiences.

This is exciting work for big-picture thinkers passionate about iteratively driving our beloved brand forward, connecting experiences, and contributing to Peloton’s next chapter.

Our small but mighty team of product managers, product analysts, data scientists, user researchers, and product documentation specialists analyze and utilize data to drive the strategic direction of our products and company forward. Our goal is to help improve the Member experience while ensuring the health and success of the company. 

We use our diverse skills and expertise (technical and non-technical) to synthesize all types of data and share insights with our engineering teams and designers to drive the advancement of our existing products and software forward. We explore data and Member habits to brainstorm new projects and features. 

Our product management team is invigorated by challenges, comfortable with ambiguity and change, embraces the complexity of our products, and collaborates closely with multiple teams to solve problems. 

Due to the scope and nature of our work, we have our hands in all parts of the business,  across hardware, software, and more, with a large capacity for impact. Here, your efforts, expertise, and ideas can make a significant difference for colleagues and devoted Members.

Our software team designs and builds the industry’s best and most innovative platform and fitness experience, all in a secure and scalable manner. Everything we do is to support Peloton’s mission of making fitness accessible to all—everyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless of their skill level, needs, or abilities.   

We enhance the Member experience by personalizing it, offering guidance and support that helps people create routines and healthy habits, and connecting Members with others worldwide, during and outside of their workouts. The software organization at Peloton consists of seven core teams that drive innovation: software operations, software design, platform, AI & CV, e-commerce, app, and CFX. 

The Peloton experience goes beyond building strength and endurance—it's about motivating and empowering people to be their best selves in all aspects of their life. And we’re here to help make that possible.

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Invested in you

Peloton provides comprehensive, competitive, and unique benefits for full and part-time team members, product discounts, and other tools to foster work-life harmony.    

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Life at Peloton

We are a team of passionate, positive, and ambitious individuals embracing creativity, innovation, and action to pursue personal success and achieve a united mission. We embrace change, challenge, creativity, and kindness.

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Here, everyone belongs

At Peloton, we're unapologetic about constantly pushing for better outcomes for our Members, for those who work with us, for the communities we serve and for society. Learn how DEI is woven into the fabric of our company.


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