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Recruiters answer five FAQs about working at Peloton

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Every month, recruiters at Peloton meet with dozens of candidates interested in joining our team. Whether during informal conversations or during formal interviews, they answer countless questions about the company.

Joining a new team and company is a big decision; the more information you have, the better. So we reached out to our recruiters to find out what questions they are asked most often – and for their own personal take on them.

Here are five frequently asked questions and their answers:

1. What’s the culture really like at Peloton?

A company's culture can make a huge difference in your experience at work. But what exactly is company culture?

At Peloton, we view company culture as the values, mission, priorities, attitudes, and practices we embody daily. At the foundation of Peloton’s culture are our five core values:

  • Put Members first - we obsess over every touchpoint in the Member experience
  • Operate with a bias for action – we are constantly innovating, learning and improving
  • Empower teams of smart creatives – we hire people who are great at what they do, and support and trust them with the resources and autonomy to let them shine
  • Be the best place to work – we are committed to cultivating and maintaining a world-class culture that puts team member experience, wellbeing, and safety at the heart of what we do
  • Together we go far - we understand the importance and value of teamwork

With these values as our guide, we focus on supporting team members to achieve personal success that contributes to our unified mission of making fitness accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

“Our company culture is a purpose-driven, diverse environment that allows all types of people the ability to succeed in their roles,” said Jessica Lipkin, Senior Recruiter.

Val VanderLinden, Principal Recruiter, agreed and had some other key adjectives to add to the mix. “Fast-paced, innovative, promotes a growth mindset, inclusive and fun!”

George Gray, Recruiting Coordinator, described the culture at Peloton as second to none and added it's one of the key reasons for the company’s success.

“We truly believe that providing happy and collaborative working environments not only gets the best results but also means we attract the best people,” Gray said. “Whether you work in the office or in the field, we are dedicated to making sure all our colleagues are proud to say they are part of the Peloton team.”

2. What opportunities are there for professional development and training?

At Peloton, change is constant, as we are always evolving, innovating, and looking for ways to improve our products and processes. So, we understand team members' desire to grow, learn, and pursue new opportunities.

One of the benefits Peloton offers is tuition reimbursement, which allows most employees to continue their education at the program and institution of their choice.

Peloton also offers unique internal learning and development programs for employees who are interested in advancing in specific fields or want to segue into another area of the business.

“Peloton is an excellent place for someone who is passionate about investing in personal and professional development. Part of our culture and one of our core values is to empower individuals to be the best version of themselves. We have numerous resources and perks dedicated to that core value,” Gray said. “Whether you want to be at the forefront of your field or you discover a passion for another role, we believe in supporting our team members to achieve their goals.”

Robby Kempton, Senior Manager, Recruiting, agreed and said each team member is in control of their career.

“Your development is driven by you,” she said. “You get out what you put in. We have so many opportunities for internal mobility if you want to take that path.”

3. How do performance feedback and evaluation work at Peloton?

Like many companies, Peloton conducts a year-end review that provides a formal opportunity for every eligible team member to self-reflect and receive feedback from their people leader on the past year's accomplishments, performance to their goals, opportunities for improvement, and learnings.

“We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all and we strive to take a tailored and personalized approach,” Gray said. “We also believe that feedback and evaluations are a dialogue and provide an excellent opportunity to discover more about our team members in order to help them be the best version of themselves but also to use their feedback to improve the betterment of the workplace. To this end, we provide all of our People leaders with the training and tools to deliver this experience across the board.”

Lipkin shared her personal experience, describing the different touch points she has with her manager.

“We conduct a formal annual review process, but my manager and I catch up quarterly on my overall goals, and every other week on more day-to-day items,” she said. “Our leaders are always open to providing as much feedback as one needs to help them achieve their own individual development plans.”

4. How does Peloton support work-life balance?

We work hard and play hard, and know everyone is at their best when they have the support tools, and resources to live a well-rounded life. To this end, we have unique, comprehensive, and diverse benefits and listen to what our team members want and need.

One way Peloton helps team members achieve balance is through hybrid work schedules for most positions that allow people to work from home two days a week. (This hybrid schedule is role and team-dependent and does not include on-site roles such as retail, studios, member support, etc.) Working hours may also be flexible, depending on the job and team.

Team Members are also encouraged – and expected – to take time off. We also have set and clear standards for calendar management, communication, and meetings so everyone can have room in their days for breaks.

“We prioritize mental well-being,” Lipkin said.“One way I personally do this is by booking scheduled breaks for myself after development sessions or blocks of work, and this allows me to show up feeling refreshed and ready for action.”

5. How does Peloton promote diversity and inclusion?

Diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity are all built into Peloton’s culture and values. We are a global company with a mission of making fitness accessible to anyone, anywhere. And we are always learning and looking for areas of improvement.

“Peloton believes that diversity refers to “what” you want to achieve and inclusion refers to “how” you maintain it,” VanderLinden said. “Many people share life experiences with other team members by joining and connecting through our numerous ERGs (employee resource groups) and also by being Members of Peloton.”

In 2023, Peloton focused on creating fair business practices and inclusive systems that embrace the diverse identities of our team members. We're also striving to understand and enhance opportunities for all team members at Peloton, especially those from communities that have been historically underrepresented.

Another key to our success is our Employee Resource Groups, which are led by Team Members for Team Members to help us drive conversation and action. More than 40% of our Team Members are involved in our eight employee resource groups that celebrate our similarities and differences and provide counsel to the leadership team on moving the business forward.

Kempton said it best: “We are always looking for diversity of thought and a culture of inclusion for all. Our diversity is a superpower.”


Written by Peloton

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