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From Seasonal Job to Long-term Career

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For many years, Sheri Mendon worked as a marketing director in sports and entertainment. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and sporting events and the entertainment industry closed indefinitely, Sheri was laid off from work.

While searching for work in September 2020, she came across a seasonal, part-time sales specialist job at a Peloton store in San Diego, CA. Already a passionate Member, she decided to apply despite having no sales experience.

“I thought it would be fun to tide me over until the sports industry opened up,” she said. “Within the first week, I realized this wasn’t just a job selling something at a mall, this was a more professional job than I anticipated, and I appreciated that.”

She also enjoyed the work – getting to talk with people about Peloton all day in a friendly yet professional environment. With the company’s sales training and feedback and support from managers, she soon saw success. 

“I saw very quickly that it could be more than a seasonal job – that there was a career path here,” Sheri said.

One month later, a full-time position became available and Sheri was offered the job. Now, three years later, Sheri is a Showroom Manager in Newport Beach, CA.

Career Opportunities

As a Showroom Manager, Sheri is spending less time on the floor and is instead guiding and leading her team as well as participating in district, regional, and company meetings. But she still cherishes the connections she’s made with Members.        

“I love that Members who I’ve sold to still come back to share their progress with me,” she said.

Peloton stores are often located in malls and shopping centers but offer professional job opportunities with flexible hours (including nights, weekends, and some holidays). Sheri loves the flexibility as well as the chance to get involved in company-wide projects.

“There are always projects and opportunities you can get involved with if you’re interested,” she said. “What I love the most about working at Peloton is we truly do follow the value of empowering a team of smart creatives.”

Memorable Moments

During her three-year tenure at Peloton, Sheri has found many ways to get involved and make her mark.

Passionate about data analytics and spreadsheets, she created a system to track her progress when she first joined Peloton’s sales team. She soon expanded it into a dashboard for her local sales team, and shortly after it was shared with regional and district managers.

She also helped host a store event where she welcomed Peloton Instructors Matt Wilpers, Ash Pryor, and Mariana Fernandez. (“They’re even nicer in person!”) In the summer of 2022, she traveled to NY to help host an event in Times Square.

Earlier this year, she was selected to take part in a team of employees from throughout the company to brainstorm possible solutions for business challenges. After months of working together, the teams presented their ideas to company leadership in New York.

“I have worked for a number of different companies in the past, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a company that I have enjoyed working for more than this,” she said. “Even the hardest day I have here at Peloton is better than the best day at some other companies. It sounds crazy but is so true.”

If you want to pursue a retail career with Peloton, search our open jobs here.  



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